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The Basics About Asbestos

The Basics About Asbestos

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance that was taken from the ground and can be pulled into a fluffy consistency. Asbestos fibres are soft and flexible yet resistant to heat, electricity and chemical corrosion. Pure asbestos is an effective insulator, and it can also be mixed into cloth, paper, cement, plastic and other materials to make them stronger.

What is Asbestos used for?

So where did we use it, well from 1920 to the late 1980 asbestos was used heavily in the construction of homes in Australia and in the Industrial Industry. It was found in building materials such as FC sheeting (fibre cement sheeting) roof tiles, guttering vinyl tile, and vinyl lino, and weatherboards. It was used in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms, the list keeps on going.

Things to look out for when buying your home, start off and find out the year it was built, we all know when we are buying a house how exciting it is, you’re not even in the front door and your already thinking about renovating so just put the brakes on for a moment. Ask the questions does the house have Asbestos and if so what it is going to cost to remove it. Then insurance, make sure that when you insure your house that it covers asbestos. Most of us have insurance that will cover the house for fire and damage, but if your house has Asbestos and it gets fire damage, the insurance might not cover the cost of removing the asbestos as the cost can be very expensive.

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